Thursday, September 4, 2008

332-60: Introduction

I'd bet good money that anyone outside of 332-60 is going to be boggled by that blogpost title. I'll be nice and explain it, even though I'd also be willing to bet that no one outside of 332-60 will read these posts. It's so easy to fall through the cracks and I think I've nearly mastered the art. So, for your benefit-- I attend William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ and I am enrolled in an upper level English writing course called Advanced Creative Writing - and, ah, the title: the course number is 332 and the section number is 60. Good? Good.

We have a standing assignment to post blogs for our professor, including some required substance entries:


"1 review of literary reading/event
2 reviews of writing exercises
2 reviews of what you are reading in other classes
1 imitation of someone else's blog entry
1 short story segment
1 extensive (1-2 paragraph) comment on other blogs, in the form of initiating a dialogue with the author."

We also have to include on our blog 10 links to admired writers - they don't count as entries. The professor also listed some suggestions as to what we could use to fill some space in these things - good suggestions; I'll note at the beginning of each post as to what the nature of the entry is, be it an assignment, a suggestion, or a required post.

I hope that this has properly introduced any non-WPU affiliates to