Monday, January 19, 2009

UT01: The New One

I'm reviving the 332-60 blog: welcome to the surprise post!
Let it be known that "UT" stands for "Uncharted Territory;" this blog will go where it has never gone before - to the next semester. Dun dun duuuun.

Hokey, yes. Warranted, yes.

Last semester, now that all of the horses are in, went better than I thought it would. I wonder how all of you did? (Maybe you guys won't even be checking anymore. Either way, this should at least help to keep the edge off - a place to vent frustrations, fears, and interests. At any rate...) Well, grades aside, another semester is about to begin. The question slamming around inside of my head is probably obvious: HOW BAD WILL IT BE???

How bad, indeed. I have one English course (contemporary literature, I believe) to fulfill a requirement that a previous class wound up not qualifying for, Urban Anthropology, Social Psychology, and Spanish I. The Spanish class has me a little terrified for a few reasons. 1) I suck at langauages that are not English. 2) Half of it is online and I have never done a distance learning class before. 3) Did I mention I suck at foreign languages???

Let's hope for a good semester.

The weeks of winter vacation went by very quickly for me, as well as uneventfully. I worked 50hr weeks pretty much the entire time, which wound up doing me absolutely no good at ALL. Our paychecks for that period take into effect a new tax increase, which completely trainwrecked my overtime pay - so it's the equivalent of getting my regular base pay, with no taxes taken out... Which isn't great, considering I would have had about five hundred extra dollars on top of that. Yes. Five hundred in taxes. Ugh.

Well - that should be all for now. I'll be back! I'll leave you with this in the meanwhile...