Friday, January 28, 2011

UT13: Fifth Poem 2011

I found the cancer, sir;

with this information I
will have to take us
to the ER.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

UT13: Quandaries

I just realized that it's less
that I am really dissatisfied
and more so that I am fed up
with nothing ever being enough.
Being "right"?
That is a very difficult thing to live with -
excuse me - :
be around.
You very rarely ask how my day has been.
Or ask anything, really.
I don't believe that is giving me space.
That's just not giving a fuck
because you don't want to be
Fuck that.
I ask you
because I care.
Not because
I feel like I have to.

UT12: Forth Poem 2011

Written 1/24/11


Six refusals, starched and blanched like sheets;
in two's they are bleached,
rewrung, and set out for three days;
i find myself wondering if the truth,
usurping denial, is Lazarus:
speechless and dead - for now -,
expired but awaiting

Monday, January 24, 2011

UT11: Third Poem 2011.

Written 1/22/11.

The last page of the book is a lie; always has been.

It is infinite. I am not the author, but merely the recorder.
There is no bravery; no will and no presence of heart.
I am the mechanics of reliving. I am the ear on a chest
and the difference between steady throb and silence.

I am forever the twenty minutes passing in an instant
when left alone with the body. I am the blanket carelessly
thrown away; once laid over the corpse, kept as a last resort
of closeness. I am crippling predisposals. I am a mistake.

Tear the title from the spine, erase the author from the cover,
and let run the ink. I threw my keys down into a sewer drain.
To think, I was an adventurer. My boots are dusty and the book is
an erroneous mess of disregarded endeavors, worn with warp and water.

UT10: Second Poem 2011

For When You Wake Up, as I've Gone to Run Some Errands

A good partnership is one liking tomatoes and the other abhorring;
"I ordered a roast beef and no tomato!" - "No matter, I love them."
Nothing to waste and nothing to fear; "I cannot stand spiders!" -
"I loved Charlotte's Web." A balance is a partner in crime,
an investment in trust - hold this flashlight while I look;
hold this deed and I will make good on my promises.