Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A07: Emotional Writing

When it comes to writing, I guess I never accept a separation of emotion... except in things like clinical journals and encyclopedias; it's just too convenient to say something because you need to say it. Saying something because it needs to be said is a different thing entirely.

In my writing? Yes, I use emotion. I think I'm better at emotion in poetry because I think like a poem. Everything is all images and sounds and smells and association. I couldn't remember a conversation properly if you put a gun to my head. Just a lot of pieces. I guess I think in emotions transcribed into things.

Authors... I feel sort of hazy here since I'm not 100% clear on whether it's an author that writes emotions well or one who writes emotions well. As in writes about them, writes based on them, etc. If it's just writing an emotion, well, there are a ton. As for writing about a specific emotion? I think Emily Dickinson did it. I'm sure Shakespeare has it floating around somewhere. And scores of other authors who have written a poem called "love: what I did in the shower" or something ridiculous like that. (However, recently I came across an author that wrote an emotional situation exceedingly well but I actually have to save it since it falls nicely under a requirement post fulfillment.) Anyway. Here are a few poems based on a particular emotion. I'll get to the stories and books later. I'm really tired right now and I need to get some sleep. More posting, later, tomorrow.

What I Remember- Leon Knight
Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note- Amiri Baraka
Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror- John Ashbery

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thursday Workshop

This is a post of the link to my workshop bit. Please contact me if you need a copy (aka if you can't print it, etc). I need to know by Wednesday night so I can act accordingly for Thursday night's class. Thank you!

Please also note that the ending IS condensed. I will be revising and expanding this story for my 10 pager. The "end" is not complete. Kk?