Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dear Town of Newton:

I was wondering if I could inquire about your noise ordinance laws: why aren't there any? This town is centered toward family living - the "county seat," as it is called, should be a true center of the county, offering not only commerce but calm. I do not understand why, when one should call the cops on a neighbor who is blasting their music so loudly that one can hear it just as clear as day at 1:30 in the morning (when one has to be up early in the morning), one should be told that there's really very little that can be done aside from getting the caller's own telephone number and location for "statistic purposes." I have to say, though, that your profile on city-data leads me to believe that it was a minor oversight, the lack of noise ordinance laws. Perhaps it's just so quiet on a normal basis that it was not particularly necessary to bring these ordinances into being. I do wonder, though. Moreover, it would be nice if your DPW personnel could refrain from damaging the town watermain when doing routine work. Water is sort of one of those little things we call "necessities" in most circles.