Saturday, June 4, 2011

Monday, May 30, 2011

It's like a car with a flat wheel.

"But You Have to Trust People; It's Part of Life"

What is it,
to be afraid?
It is seeing lipid eyes
and wanting to run
run, run, run
(as he said)
with haste, far away.
You've seen
those eyes before.
You've seen how
far away they can get.

It is feeling someone
touch your shoulder
and feeling blood run
run, run, run
(as he instructed)
from the face, pounding
in the chest.
You've felt
that touch before.
You've felt
the hideousness
of its absence.

It is hearing a soft voice
trying to convince you
not to flee, but to stay
and hearing
in another sweet voice,
a similarly soft voice,
one full of smiles
and wishes
and promises of
that abstract "all,"
owner of the touch
that melted stone
that cracked the sun
that froze your eyes
o the voice that said,
the voice that
so softly intoned:, run, run.